The Violet Way

Learning & Development in the Flow of Work


A boutique focused on learning and development for high-growth consultancies.

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Experience Drives Results

Our core training is built by top consultants and managers. We know people development in fast-paced and demanding environments.

Learning In The Flow of Work

Supercharge your learning culture with new ways to engage and develop your consulting teams.


Build an intelligence system that fuels people development


Develop training and tools that support strategic initiatives


Activate connections and learning opportunities across teams

Bridge the Gap

Close the learning gaps in your organization and build a foundation for continuous growth.

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Establish a Foundation

We provide online training for emerging consultants. It’s a holistic program to accelerate development.

Consulting Core Competencies

  • Learn the core competencies of top consultants
  • Gain insights on capabilities development
  • Build a foundation for self-driven development

Project Management

  • Plan, organize, and drive consulting projects
  • Structure governance and communications
  • Execute critical project management functions

Project Delivery Leadership

  • Learn to lead and “team” on projects
  • Identify risks and facilitate problem-solving
  • Communicate and think strategically

Rapid Client Discovery

  • Utilize a framework to accelerate learning
  • Drive discovery sessions & interviews
  • Assess focus areas in condensed timeframes

Change Management

  • Act as change agents on projects
  • Assess and analyze change impacts
  • Manage the change journey and track success

Sales & Opportunity Development

  • Learn the fundamentals of consulting sales
  • Uncover sales opportunities & navigate personas
  • Develop pitch decks to support sales pursuits

Speed to Value

Our core training includes bite-sized tutorials paired with a work-ready toolkit. It’s clear and concise training with tools to hit the ground running.

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Our Approach

Our approach is catered to high-growth consultancies. It combines people, process, and technology with the unique culture of consulting firms.

Self-Driven Pathways

We utilize self assessments and the ‘See One, Do One, Teach One’ methodology to build learning plans and drive personalized development.

A Focus on Project Delivery

We design our content and mentorship to focus on the responsibilities, tasks, and leadership needed for project delivery.

Community Learning

We incorporate the development of learning communities that activate connections across teams and professional levels.

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you’ll never cease to grow.

Anthony J. D'Angelo
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